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This year we will have 9-10 songs and 6-8 professional narrations. Each song can take over a month to program. Selecting these songs and auditioning hundreds of these songs is an arduous task.

The 2012 songs are:

20th Century Fox Fanfare and Cinemascope Extension

This is our introductory song and acts as the introduction to our show. You typically hear this song when a fox movie starts. It’s only 20 seconds long but quite dramatic. This song is a perfect introduction to our light show.

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree by Brenda Lee

A great wholesome Rock & Roll Christmas song. This has been around for nearly fifty years and has delighted many during this time. If I happen to be out while this song is playing watch me dance on the side walk when this song plays.

Taken Care of Christmas by Randy Bachman

It’s the same song as ‘Taken care of Business’ by Bachman Turner Overdrive but the lyrics have been changed to match a Christmas theme. The lyrics can be viewed here
Over 40 years ago when I was only 15 years old I had the privilege of seeing Bachman Turner Overdrive perform at the civic Arena in Allen Park Michigan. It was my first rock concert that I attended and Bachman Turner Overdrive hadn’t quite made it yet to the ‘big time’. Just a month after that concert, ‘BTO’ went nationally famous. It’s ironic that I have one of the first songs that I ever heard at a rock concert became a showpiece for my Christmas light show. It’s also a great song to dance to!!

O Holy Night Christmas Carol by Jewel

I love to hear traditional Christmas Carols at Christmas time and this song is simply beautiful. Many people both male and female sing this song and it was a challenge to find the best rendition. I auditioned ALL of them before finally deciding on Jewel. She simply brings tears to my eyes when I hear this song. I’m proud to include this song in my light show.

Wizards in Winter by Trans Siberian Orchestra

No Christmas light show worth any merit can exclude this song. In my opinion, it was made specifically for Christmas Light shows. It’s my favorite song of the display because it ‘ROCKS’ in EVERY way. It also has a great ‘Grand Finale’ in which I turn on nearly all the lights at the end of the song. We put a lot of effort into our programming to highlight this song. Thank you Trans Siberian Orchestra for recording this great Christmas light show song.

Fur Elise by Beethoven

The classic piano song is truly simple and very beautiful. I also auditioned many versions of this song before I decided on this version. It highlights the LED rope lights which outlines the perimeter of the display. It’s only slightly longer than a minute but its classic melody lasts forever.

Christmas Canon by Trans Siberian Orchestra

A modern Christmas rendition of the classic wedding march hit. This time it features small children singing beautifully in which I use our ability to turn their beautiful voices into a visual ‘VU meter’ vertically displayed on our porch pillars during a portion of the choreography. This song is traditionally played as a wedding march at weddings.

Do you hear what I hear by Spiraling

This is a traditional Christmas song which has been enhanced to incorporate and mix the rock group ‘The Who’ famous song “Baba O Reilly” mixed and blended within the song. The song starts out as a very traditional ‘Do you hear what I hear’ and then ‘blends’ the Who’s ‘Baba O Reilly ‘song perfectly into the arrangement. It’s a blend of Classic Christmas and Classic Rock & Roll. It will surprise you and blow you away!!! It simply amazes both young & old. This song hasn’t been programmed yet and may debut in the 2013-2014 season. Let’s hope we find time to program it this season.

The House on Christmas Street by Judy Pancoast

This song was written to highlight houses that feature large Christmas light shows. At a Christmas light show enthusiast convention two summers ago, I had the opportunity to meet Judy Pancoast as she sang her song, “The House on Christmas Street” to a few of us that were lucky enough to hear her sing in person. That day I purchased her song but it wasn’t until this past summer that I contracted with her to change the lyrics to match the details of her song to our specific display. If you listen to the song, you will notice specific references to the Eisenhower tunnel (where I work), references to our having 100,000 LED’s in our display, references to our last name, our street name, the city of Highlands Ranch and my candy cane ‘giving’. The song also mentions that I am collecting for a food drive and also for the Toys for Tots program. Judy Pancoast also does several narrations for our display. Judy’s web site is here.
You can listen to the generic version of “The House on Christmas Street” here.
And our customized version here. Since the song is customized to our display, I’m sure it will be the highlight for our display. I’m proud to have Judy Pancoast singing about our unique display with her beautiful song, ‘The House on Christmas Street”.

Nutrocker by Trans Siberian Orchestra

This one is an updated version of the Christmas Classic Nutcracker. It is an upbeat version and has a great tempo which lends itself perfectly to Christmas light shows. It has a ‘wild’ ending.

Music Box Dancer by DJ Schewede

This is one of the songs that we did last year that we decided to keep in this years show. It has a great back & forth piano beat that allows us to show off many of the shows 'elements' such as the arches and up & down vertical motion of the porch pillars. Watch as each piano note changes the color of the LED perimeter rope lights.

Winter Wonderland by Alexia Phillips

This is a abbreviated version of a classic Christmas song which has a wonderful contemporary tempo.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Andrea Bocelli

This was the first song I gave to my son Joey to program for the 2013-2014 show. Try to keep a dry eye while watching this high definition version of this beautiful song.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgJ0QY9OBRs

HighlandsRanchChristmas.com is proud to have this beautiful song debuting in our 2013-2014 Christmas light show.

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